My New Year's Wish for You!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gary and I are not big New Year's resolution guys.

We believe that -- no matter the day -- you can change your life for the better.

What that takes is courage, a belief in yourself, a fearless focus.

New Year's does have great significance in our lives, however. Eighteen years ago, on New Year's Day, Gary got sober. He changed his life for the better. Had he not done that, we would not have met. We would not share this amazing life. I, likely, may never have started writing.

We are all connected. And that ripple effect of positivity can only take place when we love and believe in ourselves. Gary's decision to change his life changed mine. He inspired me to write. "What are you waiting for?" he would ask. "Change your life today."

I hope, in some small way, that I have passed that message along to you, that my books have made you laugh, cry, think, consider, even perhaps, made you change your life for the better. I believe the best books are like mirrors: By holding one in front of your face, you're forced to take a good, long, hard look at yourself and see things you might otherwise not notice.

This year, my New Year's wish for you is simple: I wish only that you believe in yourself, that you love the unique person you are, that you vow to celebrate your individuality. This world doesn't need conformists. It needs you.

I preach to aspiring writers that it is their voice that will set them apart. I preach that there are only so many stories we can tell, but it is the way in which we tell them that makes them memorable. Embrace that unique voice. Embrace that unique you. Only then can you change your life, change others, change this world.

Happy 2013! May it be filled with laughter, love and you!