Home Wrecker Barbie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Gary and I have added a new Barbie to our collection.

Home Wrecker Barbie!

She is the kind of Girl all women hate. She really wants to have girlfriends for the sole reason to steal their men. Women are always amazed that their husbands have to check her out. The wives see a bad dye job, fake boobs and a trashy dress from TJ Maxx and the men see a sweet smile, no brain and a nice rack.

This Barbie works for Today's Temporaries and is always on the look out for fresh meat! She is the kinda girl who makes out with the boss at the Christmas Party with hopes of getting a raise and a new Pandora Bracelet. Both her handbag and boobs are fake and she is always looking to go bigger with both.

So ladies keep your man close because this Barbie is on the prowl. She acts sweet but remember she thinks Washington is just a street and chlamydia is a flower.



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