Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Charlie Sheen, as I've named this MF of snowstorm that's trying to steal the media thunder of my latest memoir, IT'S ALL RELATIVE, has already wrecked my kick-off event and signing. But, that's the only thing in my life I'm going to have Blizzard Charlie Sheen take from me. Get online, if you're stuck at home, and download a book today. Or, snowmobile your ass into your favorite local bookstore and pick up a copy to keep you laughing through this Snowpocalypse.

I've had some great early media hits so far, and I wanted to share those. The links (or, The Art Link-Letters, as I like to call them) follow. Enjoy! Buy away! And, check out my "Appearances" page for where I'll be next ... snow, or not, it's likely I'll be coming to your town soon! (I'm posting tour/media photos on my Facebook fan page!)

And, send your Horrible Holiday Photos and stories TODAY! Contest has just kicked off ... look to the left the of this page (those with a wandering eye might need to steady it a bit), and enter now. Great prizes! Fun site! Join me in my holiday dysFUNction!


EIGHT WEST (Grand Rapids Morning Show/NBC)

(Scroll at bottom of segment info for "Local Author Wade Rouse")

ON-THE-TOWN (Entertainment Magazine)!