My Holiday Gift to You: No Form Letter, Just Free Reading!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I just received my first holiday letter in the mail ... you know, the form letter from "friends" that not only signals the holidays are near but also, I believe, the Apocalypse is as well.

The holiday letter breaks down the senders' lives in excruciating detail. You know: "My hubby just took me to Applebee's. You all know how much I LOVE the riblet platter!"

No holiday letter for you this year (or ever), I promise; but I do give you the gift of me, which I hope is slightly funnier and way less painful.

I was just informed that the first part of my essay, "Sears, Sbarro's, Sayonara," which kicks off the fabulous essay collection, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG: THE RETAIL CHRONICLES, can be read by going to Amazon and searching inside the book. Or just use the following link:

The essay will give you a good idea of what this funny, little essay collection is all about (and it's gotten great buzz, including a Black Friday feature on NPR, and a Wall Street Journal review). If you've ever worked retail (and we all have, haven't we, from slinging ice cream at Baskin & Robbins, like my partner, Gary, to working at Sears, the Husky Hell of my youth), or, better yet, been a pain-in-the-ass shopper, get this book.

And don't forget to give a book -- any book (even, SHAMELESS PLUG, mine, or those from my publisher, Random House) -- as a gift this holiday. They truly are gifts that will last forever. In fact, I'll post a blog as the holidays near about the book I received one Christmas that changed my life. And I'd like to hear about books you all have received over the holidays that impacted your lives.

Happy holidays, happy shopping, happy reading,



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