Customer Is Always Wrong Now A Powell's Bestseller!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was happy to learn from a reader that "The Customer Is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles," the fabulous essay collection about working in retail is now a Powell's Bestseller (and staff selection). In fact, it's been as high as #4 on their list. Kudos to editor Jeff Martin who worked his hoo-hoo off to compile an illustrious group of writers and humorists to share their funny and poignant stories. I can barely keep myself sane, grounded and on track, much less a stable of writers.

Some great essays are included ... check it out, I think you'll enjoy. I mean, who hasn't worked in retail, and who doesn't have a horror story (I'm a former Husky's kid who found himself working at Sears in college ... Hello, Irony! And I have friends who shall remain unnamed who used to pee in their ice cream store's pickle barrel, and put their press-on nails in the ice cream cones of annoying customers). Yes we were immature, but wouldn't it be great if we occasionally allowed ourselves as adults to revel in such childish payback?

Here's what Powell's says about the book: Staff Pick

What a delightful collection of true-life tales! Jeff Martin has gathered together writers and humorists of all stripes to offer a gold mine of cringe-inducing stories about life in the retail world. What writer hasn't spent a few years behind the counter of the local mall, bookstore, or record store? From the absurd to the poignant, The Customer Is Always Wrong will show you retail from the inside.

Congrats, Jeff!

You Knew It Was Just A Matter of Time ...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin broke with her running mate, Sen. John McCain, yesterday in an interview, saying she supports a Constitutional amendment on gay marriage.

You knew it was just a matter of time before this issue came up, and her real views came out. Ironically, however, I think Gov. Palin is asserting this issue now, late in the campaign, less to shore up the conservative Christian base, which is already shored up, but to set herself up as a viable presidential candidate in four -- though more likely eight -- years.

Still, these are the issues that candidates continue to focus on in times of crisis, the issues that divide us, the ones with which we have been consumed while the real problems are ignored?

And I feel sorry for Sarah Palin's good gay friend, who "chose" to be the way she is ... now, that's a great friend, in kind of the same way that Dick Cheney is a great father.

For more, here's the link:;_ylt=AgJB7KUODa0cIqcVV5.RdO4b.3QA