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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shameful: Mizzou being left out of the BCS. Yes, they got throttled by OU, but to select Kansas over Mizzou? C'mon. Mizzou played the 26th toughest schedule in the country, to KU's 106. Mizzou beat KU head-to-head on neutral ground. BCS did it because they thought they could draw a more rabid fanbase. Cotton Bowl vs. Arkansas should be fun, though.

Jumped the Shark: Dancing with the Stars. Helio? Maria? In the finals? I'm sure Larry Flynt will win next year. When the show no longer centered around the best dancers (Sabrina), it pulled a Fonzie.

Gay-Straight Alliance: Just when I think things might have changed, I hear from folks "wishing" I wouldn't have "chosen to be gay" in my book, or that it "just wasn't necessary." Missed the whole premise of the book.

Holiday Gifts: My book, of course. It's on a number of major newspaper's holiday book lists ... and it's now available as a Kindle book, so you can read it online.

Giving Back: We're hosting a party for 50 this Saturday, after I do a book event on Friday. Aaaah, the holidays. My goal? To stay sober until, at least, the first guest arrives.

Bloated: Me. Still. From T-giving.

Broke: Me. From buying gifts. And throwing a party for 50.

Project Runway: Hooked again.

Desperate Housewives: A tornado? Did you see how long that funnel hovered in the neighborhood? Did you see everyone pack like it was a hurricane? Were any of the writers from the Midwest? There's suspension of belief, and then there's absurdity. But go ahead and give the Emmy to Felicity Huffman. If her family's dead, after she survived cancer, there's no need to vote.

Good News: You'll need to stay tuned, but big things are a'brewin'!

They've Sold Their Souls: Will the Patriots Ever Lose? Tom Brady is Keanu Reeves from the Devil's Advocate.

Enough: I'm done.


Blogger Jules said...

Shameful: I just couldn't bear to watch my Tigers after the first half. What a meltdown. Being left out of the BCS is BS!

JTS: Desperate Housewives did LAST season. I keep going back thinking it may get better. I had to turn it off at the half hour. I'm finished with DH.
As a side note, met a female Fonsie that works at Macy's - no kidding.

G-S A: What?! You never know what you get when working with/entertaining the public. I think you know my motto (just ask Gary).

HG: Bought your book for my bro in Joplin, MO. Cotton Bowl t-shirt for my honey.

GB: Bought toys and clothing for children in need. Also, co-hosting (since I live in a crackerbox barely big enough for 2) a party for a dear friend whose 27 yr old daughter died suddenly of an unknown genetic heart defect and just trying to get her through the holidays.

Bloated: not for another week...

Project Runway: GLUED!!!

December 5, 2007 at 9:27 PM  
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