Wade is Teaching Writing Seminar August 11-13!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes, believe it or not, I will stand before a class of pupils this August in a short skirt, cardigan and bun held up with a #2 pencil to teach writing, the only thing -- besides how to make a latte, apply bronzer, and detect quality leather goods blind-folded -- I'm qualified to teach.

The truly terrific Saugatuck Center for the Arts -- which hosts great classes in the arts all year round -- will be Ground Zero for my fun yet intensive three-evening workshop on writing, "Following Your Heart, Finding Your Dream."

The class will be held at the SCA Tuesday through Thursday, Aug. 11-13, from 6-9 p.m. Cost is $150.00 for the three days, which -- when you look at what similar classes cost on the coasts -- is truly a bargain. To register, call the SCA at 269 857-2399 or e-mail: info@sc4a.org

For more on my class, go to:


Or read the class syllabus below (see, I know big words, like "syllabus" and "read"!). Seriously, I think this will be a wonderfully informative and inspirational class for writers at every stage in their lives and careers. So, Michigan residents and summer resorters, join me in August ... perhaps drinks with the teacher will follow after class! (And I allow pupils to purchase me beverages ... I'm big into the whole teacher's pet thing)!


“Finding Your Voice”
Whether writing your first novel, mystery, or memoir, “voice” is the key to your success. Before you write a word, find out not only what you want to say but how you want to say it. Voice – not topic – is what sets every writer apart and serves as his greatest chance of success. Creative exercises to help each writer find his or her own unique voice.

“Finding Your Way”
Now that you’ve found your voice, you need to find your way to the end. In addition to loads of courage, talent and time, you need structure. What makes a compelling plot? How do you create compelling characters? How do you write a memoir? How do successful writers channel that narrative flow? Tips and creative exercises to finish that first book.

“Finding Your Agent”
Now, you have a book. But it doesn’t have a home. Publishing sources report that 99.9 percent of all queries to literary agents are rejected. And you thought writing was the hard part? So what makes the perfect pitch? The perfect query letter? How do you beat the odds, and become part of that elite group? Learn how to craft the perfect query, approach agents, and secure a reputable literary agent who can sell your book to a major publisher. Also learn what it’s like after your book is published: What to expect when working with a major editor and publisher, how to market yourself, blog and deliver your own publicity.


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