Signs the World Is Coming to An End

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My attempt to help save the world, one cultural tidbit at a time:

Sure Sign the World Is Coming to An End and Our Children Are Doomed-(From Publishers Marketplace) Star of MTV's reality show The Hills, Lauren Conrad's three-book YA series, inspired by her own journey, "about a girl who moves to LA and stars in a reality show," to Harper Children's.

Words & Phrases That Need to Come to an End in Order to Save my Sanity-
McCain: "My Friends ..."
Obama: "Lipstick"
Weather Channel: "Category" Whatever
My Partner, Gary: "Guuurrrrlll!"
Me: "Dillhole" ... as in, "You're a complete dillhole."

Suggested Names to Help Hurricanes with Their Poor PR Image:
Zac Efron

Sure Sign the World Is Coming to An End/Part 2-I have the exact same eyeglasses as Sarah Palin.


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