I Heart Erma Bombeck

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Head on over to http://mjroseblog.typepad.com/ which is a terrific site called BACKSTORY hosted by writers M.J. Rose and Jessica Keener.

BACKSTORY is where published authors share their secrets, truths, as well as the logical and illogical moments that have sparked their fiction or memoirs.

My BACKSTORY, about how Erma Bombeck first sparked my love of writing as a young boy in the Ozarks, posted on the site today.

BACKSTORY also shares the back stories of many bestselling authors.

M.J. Rose, who is the acclaimed thriller writer and international bestselling author of 9 novels, including her latest, The Reincarnationist, and Jessica Keener, a fiction editor at Agni magazine and writer, are not only terrific writers but also great supporters of other writers.

So head over to http://mjroseblog.typepad.com/ to check out my BACKSTORY today!


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